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Just to prove I can scrub up!


.... and Boots of course too


Roger the Vet

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Roger has a wide and varied range of interests ... Find out more...

Holistic Vet

I have over 20 years experience as a Holistic Vet using cutting edge technology, energy medicine with frequencies and a wide range of supplements to treat and cure diseases. Whilst there's life there is hope, but always keeping it real and realistic as to what can be expected.

EMF Protection

With over 20 years of research and understanding of frequencies and what they can do to affect the biology of us, our animals and nature, I co-founded Electromagnetic Solutions Ltd, a company dedicated to offering effective products for protection against the dangers of electrosmog.

Crypto & Bullion

In recent years, I have joined a number of platforms related to decentralised digital currencies and the historically reliable gold/silver bullion.

Find out more about how you can move towards financial freedom outside the regular FIAT Ponzi scheme currently run by the mainstream thieving banking system.

Human Practitioner

Some of the devices I use were developed for treating people, and I adapted their use for animals. Consequently, I was trained to treat people first. I often treat owners as well as their animals.  In many cases, surgery can be prevented and health returned.

World-changing Projects

I have links to a number of projects across a range of fields, all of which have huge potential to make a significant difference to humanity. People and ventures seem to migrate towards me! My lateral thinking ability often identifies novel uses and ways to market, alongside various useful people I have met.


Boots is my trusty Patterdale terrier wingman who travels with me wherever I go (in the UK). He's a chilled Patterdale as they go. He will feature much more in the photo Gallery than me!

"Love me, love my dog".

Online Store

I stock and sell a wide range of health supplements and products that are proven to have significant health benefits over and above the average.  In many cases I was the first, or one of the first people to introduce these products into the UK.


Some of the cutting edge products that I recommend within my clinical work, use myself, and for Boots are networked. This offers not only significant health benefits, but an income opportunity for those who want to. I only use products that I know will work. Many of them have anti-aging benefits as well as promoting healing.


This is my opinion on a number of issues ranging from the current plandemic to usher in the New World Order Technocracy, health, sport, general observations and more. 

Feel free to share whatever takes your fancy via Social Media ... or not!

My Clinical Work Because it works...

I have specialised in Energy Medicine for over 20 years. My traditional Veterinary Science degree and training form the basis for my holistic approach to my vet work, primarily with dogs and horses.

I often take on cases that conventional methods struggle to treat.

The techniques and equipment I use are equally capable of treating people. In some instances a better result can be achieved by treating both the horse and rider together. I am fully insured to treat people as a Holistic Practitioner.


Projects They seem to find me...

Projects seem to find me rather than the other way round for some reason. All of them have the potential to positively impact how the world and people functions in a massive way. They vary from food production to high speed travel, sports performance and novel treatments...

They are in various stages of development and funding. All the projects have humanitarian aspects. It is important that investors have the same altruistic outlook so that everything is used to benefit people and our planet. Bill Gates need not apply....

First step

Boots Pictures of Boots from pup to present

Boots has a bigger fan base than me if I go by the number of likes and comments he gets whenever I post pictures or a video of him on Social Media! He's a handsome chap and he knows it.

This is a selection of photographs arranged into galleries of him from day old to present. I may add other galleries too including some of the places I've visited, but if you're expecting lots of pictures of me you're going to be disappointed ...!!!  I'm the one behind the lens for the vast majority of them.

Galleries here...

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